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Social Media & Digital Marketing

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What We Do

At Pinwheel, we help small and medium-sized businesses grow their visibility and presence by using low and no cost digital platforms to promote their businesses, their brands and their offerings.  

Social Media
Email Marketing
Brand Visibility

Content Writing for
Blogs, Press Releases
& Industry Articles

Website Development
& Refresh, Search Engine Optimization 

Catherine has the unique ability to filter through the noise and focus on what it takes to generate results for a client. The revolutionary work we did with global brands and IoT @Thinaire would never have been possible without Catherine.
— Tim Daly @ NXP

Social Media Profile Building

Develop a social profile for your company or enhance your current profiles

If you’re already using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but not really seeing any measurable results, let us help you optimize your profiles for maximum exposure and visibility. If you haven’t dipped your toes in the social waters, we can help you figure out the best approach. Let us help you socialize your business.

Social Media Management

Manage your company’s profiles to keep them fresh and relevant

As you may have already figured out, it’s not easy to post a little something or put up a photo every day...or even every week! We can help you develop interesting content and supporting imagery without a lot of fuss. It’s what we do and we call it story-telling. LinkedIn articles, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are just some of the tools we use.

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Pinwheel takes a proactive marketing position, using accessible and affordable digital tools. I’d highly recommend Pinwheel to companies that are looking to leverage low-cost digital platforms to market their products and services.
— Patti Blessing @AlienTechnology

Writing Blogs, Press Releases and Industry Articles

We create written content specifically designed to resonate with your target audience. We can tell a story about your business, your products or one of your projects in a way that makes people want what you have to offer.  When we add interesting images, photos and videos - it makes your story even more compelling!

Customers have been finding PaladinID through our blogs about unique barcode label solutions - I think this story-telling strategy really works!
— Dana Ritchie @PaladinID

Make your Brand Stand Out at
Events and Trade Shows

When you spend a lot of money exhibiting at a trade show, you want to make sure that your company and your brand SHINE! By creating memorable experiences, you offer compelling reasons for attendees to visit your exhibit or attend your event. From planning VIP experiences to creating promotions and incentives, we help you put your best foot forward.

We’ve worked with Catherine and Pinwheel for years on all sorts of events and projects...always a delight!


Sometimes even a tried and true website needs to be refreshed a bit!

Whether it’s some updated content, some new imagery or a new color palette, we can help you refresh the message your website visitors experience.  We will work with your webmaster, using your systems or introducing you to easy to use updated web platforms.  Maybe it's time to update the way your business appears on the internet...Let's talk!  

Catherine’s one smart cookie! She pinpoints the opportunity in the middle of complexity and leverages it strategically. I love how she thinks big and is committed to putting her clients first.

Catherine Barton

Catherine Barton has been using technology to communicate with people where and when it matters to them most.  Fondly known as “the original geek”, she has been providing strategic communication plans for brands and manufacturers since 1999, helping them connect with consumers using social, mobile and digital platforms. After 2012, the exponential growth in mobile communications transformed her practice, enabling her clients to execute full-scale proximity marketing  with world-wide reach. Now Catherine is working with small and medium-sized businesses and sole practitioners to give their brands and their business a boost.

From the very beginning, Catherine’s guided us in building our social profiles and expanding the visibility of The Art Therapy Project.
— Martha Dorn @TheArtTherapyProject

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